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ALERT: Neo-Nazi BitChute Channel Declares ‘Free Palestine;’ Posts Louis Farrakhan Video

On 14 August 2019, a neo-Nazi channel on the video-sharing website BitChute supporting the destruction of Israel and declaring “Free Palestine.” The channel, called “ExposeTheNose,” an anti-Semitic reference to Jews, contains numerous videos detailing various conspiracy theories about Jewish world domination and speeches by anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan.

ExposeTheNose channel icon with anti-Israel hat and ‘Free Palestine’

ExposeTheNose channel icon with anti-Israel hat and ‘Free Palestine’

Louis Farrakhan video posted by channel

Louis Farrakhan video posted by channel

The website, BitChute, is used by many on the far-right as an alternative to YouTube due to BitChute’s weaker regulations concerning hate speech. The ExposeTheNose channel currently has 289 subscribers. The channel also maintains an active encrypted channel that is part of a larger network of militant, neo-Nazi channels on the Telegram platform. The ExposeTheNose Telegram channel has 854 members as of this writing and contains similar content to other neo-Nazi channels.

Telegram post by user about the BitChute channel

Telegram post by user about the BitChute channel

referenced in Argo

referenced in Argo

ALERT: Neo-Nazi Militants Urge Individuals to Carry Out Attacks Against high-Value Targets


Neo-Nazi Militants Urge individuals to carry out attacks against high-value targets rather than at places such as Walmart, a reference to the recent El Paso, Texas shooting.

In one of the communications, a user states that white people need to kill powerful and important people.

The communication also states that the “political opposition” needs to be targeted as well as the headquarters of “any far-left/anti-White” organization.

The communication was made on August 4th on the VetWar channel and has been viewed over 1,600 times, as of this Killing of High-Value Targets, Threaten Texas Gov Over Anti-BDS Policy

On August 6th 2019, and in a response, another user suggests killing Texas Governor Greg Abbott due to Abbott signing in 2017 a state bill opposing the Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment (BDS) movement. The communication was made on the same channel as the above communication and has been viewed 333 times.

The channel, VetWar, has 388 members. It is part of a network of neo-Nazi channels that often espouse violence and extreme racism.


ALERT: British Columbia Man Threatens to Kill Jews Online


B’nai Brith Canada is sounding the alarm about a B.C. man with self-proclaimed military experience who has repeatedly threatened to kill Jews online.

Marty Mullen, who also uses the aliases “Marty Tollington” and “Iron Horseman” on Facebook and Twitter, has said that he is “learning to kill Jewish Zionazis the Kosher Way” and proclaimed, “I am not going to be satisfied until I kill an entire Zionazi Jewish family.” “Zionazi” is a derogatory term for supporters of Israel that combines the words “Zionist” and “Nazi”.

Worryingly, Mullen also claims to be a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and to have expertise with explosives.

B’nai Brith has urgently alerted the Sechelt Detachment of the RCMP about Mullen's activities. Mullen has also mused about murdering members of the RCMP.

“B’nai Brith is always concerned about public safety and the safety of our community,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “Threats to murder Jewish families and law enforcement officers absolutely cannot be tolerated.”

Sechelt is located in the Sunshine Coast region, about two hours northwest of Vancouver.

B’nai Brith’s 2018 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents recorded 374 antisemitic incidents in B.C., an increase of 126.7% over the 2017 figure.

On Wednesday, Vancouver City Council will consider a motion introduced by City Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism, which is used by B’nai Brith for its Audit and was adopted by the Government of Canada in June as part of its new Anti-Racism Strategy.

Just over a month ago, Mullen took to Twitter to encourage Generation Z and Millennials to commit suicide by “attacking large groups of Wealthy Zionazis wherever they gather.”


ALERT: Cleveland, Ohio Jewish Museum Amongst Religious Institutions Vandalized with Fake Holocaust Posters


The well-known neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer is taking responsibility for a series of postering actions across the United States. The posters called into question the veracity of the Holocaust. Media reports about the posters first emerged several days ago; however, the Daily Stormer statement is the first official communication from the website about the campaign. Targets included synagogues, churches, Holocaust memorials, offices, and museums.