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ALERT: List of U.S. Synagogues Posted on Antisemitic Dark Web Board


On 3 October 2019, we identified a post on a dark web message board that linked to a website that lists synagogues in the United States. The post was made on September 5th on the message board nanochan, a website associated with other, similar message boards such as 4chan and the now-offline 8chan. The post containing the synagogues list was made on a discussion thread about politics that contained antisemitic content. The website containing the list, synagogues.find-near-me.info, is innocuous and a legitimate source for individuals wishing to find synagogue contact details.

Nanochan is associated with 4chan and 8chan, both websites that allow anonymous communications. Both 4chan and 8chan are known for their highly anti-Semitic and racist content. Currently, 8chan is no longer available due to the website being removed over its connections to recent neo-Nazi and far-right shooters. The above post on nanochan containing synagogue information could potentially be used by would-be attackers to choose a target.