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ALERT: Neo-Nazi Militants Urge Individuals to Carry Out Attacks Against high-Value Targets


Neo-Nazi Militants Urge individuals to carry out attacks against high-value targets rather than at places such as Walmart, a reference to the recent El Paso, Texas shooting.

In one of the communications, a user states that white people need to kill powerful and important people.

The communication also states that the “political opposition” needs to be targeted as well as the headquarters of “any far-left/anti-White” organization.

The communication was made on August 4th on the VetWar channel and has been viewed over 1,600 times, as of this Killing of High-Value Targets, Threaten Texas Gov Over Anti-BDS Policy

On August 6th 2019, and in a response, another user suggests killing Texas Governor Greg Abbott due to Abbott signing in 2017 a state bill opposing the Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment (BDS) movement. The communication was made on the same channel as the above communication and has been viewed 333 times.

The channel, VetWar, has 388 members. It is part of a network of neo-Nazi channels that often espouse violence and extreme racism.