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Antisemite of the Week: Louis Farrakhan claims Jews often force aspiring actors to submit to sodomy


Louis Farrakhan Sr. is the leader of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam movement and a notorious anti-Semite himself. Farrakhan has made a lucrative career spewing his Jew hating venom whenever and wherever he can.

Here are just a few examples of Farrakhan's anti-Semitism:

  • 2017: stated Jews "owned a lot of plantations" and were responsible for slavery

  • 2018: stated "many of us who go to Hollywood have to submit to anal sex" by the Jew in power

  • 2018: tweeted to his 335,000 followers they should be scared of "the Satanic Jew"

  • 2018: stated "The Jews have control over those agencies of government. When you want something in this world, the Jew holds the door"

  • 2018: stated “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

  • 2019: stated he was "here to separate the good Jews from the satanic Jews."

Despite being banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Farrakhan is still on the speaking circuit at many churches, continuing his barrage of Jew hatred and continued division of the Black/Jewish community.