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Alt Right

Threat On 8chan Against Local Jewish Political Candidate In Seattle, Washington

An anonymous June 10, 2019 post on 8chan headlined with the name of a Jewish candidate for the Seattle, Washington city council included a photo of the individual and family, noted that the author of the post lived on the candidate's street, and concluded by asking what action should be taken against the individual.

White Supremacist Urinate on an Israeli Flag at Detroit's LGBT Pride Event

The white nationalist group is one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the United States and is known for anti-Jewish and racist protests.

Irvine Man With Long-Range Rifle Pleads Guilty in Anti-Semitic Plot

An Irvine man pleaded guilty Friday to charges alleging he visited churches and synagogues while researching how to get away with murder in an anti-Semitic plot .