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Second Swastika in 2 Weeks Found in New Jersey School

A swastika found etched into a classroom wall at Glen Rock High School Thursday marked the second discovered in a borough school in the past two weeks. The other swastika was found May 28 drawn on a wall in a bathroom shared by the middle school and high school. It was the size of a half-dollar, district officials said. 

'I Didn't Feel Scared, I Felt Disappointed That People Could So Something So hateful'

"All along this area, there was probably up to 20 swastikas," said owner Amy Baker, who immediately contacted police and went to work removing the offensive graffiti.  Baker used the opportunity to take a stand against hate, offering community members free printing on Thursday. "We'll print the message, 'Hate has no place here.'"

Man Paints Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Manhattan Medical Office

A man wearing a shirt emblazoned with the word “Israel” shirt spray-painted “F--- Jews” in front of a Harlem medical office, police said Tuesday.

Threat On 8chan Against Local Jewish Political Candidate In Seattle, Washington

An anonymous June 10, 2019 post on 8chan headlined with the name of a Jewish candidate for the Seattle, Washington city council included a photo of the individual and family, noted that the author of the post lived on the candidate's street, and concluded by asking what action should be taken against the individual.

Two teens arrested in painting of swastika at Bayshore condo, also suspected in Virage damage

Two teenagers snuck into the parking garage of Bayshore Regency Condominiums and painted a neon green swastika and other graffiti in the early morning hours of May 30, Tampa police say.

Residents Respond to White Supremacist Flyers Found in Yards

A homeowner on Center Street, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims white supremacist flyers were thrown into his and other neighbors yards over the weekend. "The one that was actually on my yard, right there, was actually just a big swastika sticker that said, white power get some." he said.

Rabbi Beaten in Central Argentina in Another South American Antisemitic Attack

Rabbi Shlomo Tawil, co-director of the local Chabad-Lubavitch organization, was attacked Sunday night by three men.

DC Dyke March Condemned for Banning Star of David

The DC Dyke March, an LGBTQ protest scheduled for Friday in the US capital, is facing heavy criticism for its decision to ban any “pro-Israel paraphernalia,” including Jewish symbols such as the Star of David.

Boston Area Rallies After Chabad Rabbis are Targeted with Anti-Semitic Slurs

The driver of the lead truck shouted an anti-Semitic obscenity and hurled a penny out of his window, yelling “something to the effect of ‘go pick up the penny [expletive] Jew,” Schusterman reported.

‘Swastikas Are Cool’: East Bay Man Outrages Neighbors With Giant Nazi Symbol in Backyard

A resident of California’s East Bay area has scandalized his neighborhood by carving a giant swastika into his front yard — and his message to those offended by the sight of the Nazi symbol is “get over it.”

During Counter-Protest to KKK Rally in Dayton, Some Vandalize Israeli Flag

Of the hundreds of demonstrators who showed up on Saturday to counter a white supremacist rally in Dayton, Ohio, some were seen stomping on and attempting to burn the flag of the Jewish state.

Irvine Man With Long-Range Rifle Pleads Guilty in Anti-Semitic Plot

An Irvine man pleaded guilty Friday to charges alleging he visited churches and synagogues while researching how to get away with murder in an anti-Semitic plot .

Cops probing anti-Semitic message at Jewish Children’s Museum as hate crime

An anti-Semitic note was found on a billboard at the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum on Thursday evening, and police are now investigating it as a hate crime, cops said.