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Hate Crime

White Supremacist In California Prepares For 'Race War,' Says He Wants Revenge On Jews

Content posted on Free Dom's Gab account suggests that this individual is a white supremacist living in California, who is preparing for what he believes to be an imminent "Race War." Stating in one post that he wants "revenge on the Jew [...] I want revenge. I want blood all over me."

Two teens arrested in painting of swastika at Bayshore condo, also suspected in Virage damage

Two teenagers snuck into the parking garage of Bayshore Regency Condominiums and painted a neon green swastika and other graffiti in the early morning hours of May 30, Tampa police say.

Boston Area Rallies After Chabad Rabbis are Targeted with Anti-Semitic Slurs

The driver of the lead truck shouted an anti-Semitic obscenity and hurled a penny out of his window, yelling “something to the effect of ‘go pick up the penny [expletive] Jew,” Schusterman reported.