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Effective Immediately: Stopantisemitism.org Will No Longer Use Change.org to Run its Petitions Due to Censorship

As reported in the Jerusalem Post ,other publications , and on our website a few months ago, Change.org, the multi-million dollar for profit private enterprise, was and still is blatantly censoring StopAntisemitism.org's petition calling on U.S. Attorney Bill Barr and Special Antisemitism Envoy Elan Carr to investigate Hamas’ ties in Congress .

Change.org disabled user searches to the petition on their site, blocked comments, and removed the ability for onsite users to financially promote the petition. While other petitions allow for contributions from signatories, Change.org deactivated that option for ours. Since the petition was launched in March, StopAntisemitism.org has received hundreds of complaints from users stating the ability to sign the petition was not available.


In April, a legal notice on behalf of Stopantisemitism.org was sent to Change.org by Zachor Legal Institute demanding Change.or ceases the censorship immediately. While Change.org admitted it took steps to limit the discoverability of the petition, despite the fact StopAntisemitism.org did not violate any of Change.org’s terms of service, the company has not corrected these issues nor addressed the other allegations outlined in the letter.

As a result, despite being viewed over a quarter of a million times, the petition has garnered just over 56,000 signatures.

Effective July 1st, we enabled a signature option on our website and monitored signature collection compared to Change.org. The results were astonishing and clearly indicated that Change.org, the largest petition site in the U.S., is engaging in biased censorship against our cause.

Thus, going forward, StopAntisemitism.org will no longer use Change.org as a platform for its petitions and will only use its website for the current and future petitions.

Legal Notice to Change.org

The following Legal Notice was sent to Change.org on April 8, 2019; while Change.org admitted by email on April 3, 2019, that user searches and comments on the petition were disabled, the company has not corrected these issues nor addressed the other allegations. Zachor Legal Institute received a response from Change.org that ignored all substantive questions and concerns raised by its letter.