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UPDATE - Change.org is Censoring Our Petition


When our petition calling on U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr and Special Envoy for Antisemitism Elan Carr to investigate CAIR’s terrorism ties to Congress began to pick up steam and gain more attention on social media, dozens of users started reporting accessibility problems.

The Jerusalem Post reported on this troubling news (read the full piece here) and reached out to Change.org for comment.

The online petition platform essentially admitted they were doing everything they could, short of removing the petition, to discourage users from signing. Their censoring tactics include deactivating the search option for the petition, removing the comments section so users cannot interact with each other, and even disabling the “sign” feature for users in some geographic locations! Last, but not least, they added a flag stating “Change.org has received flags from our users that the statements in this petition may be contested. You should consider researching this issue before signing or sharing.”


We immediately contacted Change.org regarding the flag and provided them with more than ample evidence supporting the claims made in the petition, including a direct case file from U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas Dallas Division. We never received a reply and the flag remains up.

More and more anti-Semitic incidents are happening on what now appears to be a daily basis. The petition has received almost 50,000 signatures. We refuse to sit idly by and allow blatant censorship to occur.

The CEO of Change.org Ben Rattray received a legal notice from Zachor Legal Institute, a non-profit legal foundation that is devoted to fighting anti-Semitism and defending constitutional rights. The notice documents the numerous attempts by  Change.org to censor and suppress our petition and demands a quick remedy.

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