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Call for unity after anti-Semitic vandalism on Staten Island

At the event Tuesday morning on Harold Street, officials themselves grabbed paint rollers and removed a message of hate written on the side of the Chabad of Staten Island.It read, "Synagogue of Satan.

‘An Anti-Semitism Crisis’: NYPD Records Staggering 83% Rise In Hate Crimes

NYPD statistics reveal that hate crimes have increased by a whopping 83% — and the City Council's speaker minced no words in lamenting the epidemic presently afflicting the city with the nation's largest Jewish population as "an anti-Semitism crisis."

Northwestern won't rescind job offer to Steven Thrasher over anti-Semitism Allegations

There was plenty of outrage when journalist Steven Thrasher used his graduation speech last week to praise the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and call Israel an “apartheid state,” but he’s still got a job waiting for him at Northwestern.

Indiana man sentenced to prison for vandalism at synagogue

Nolan Brewer, 21 was sentenced to federal hate crime for defacing synagogue, with intention to commit arson. He carried out the vandalism with his wife (name withheld) with the intention of sparking more radicalism and intimidating the Jewish community.

Civil Rights Complaint Alleges NYU's Negligence Allows Anti-Semitism to Grow on Campus

The College Fix reported NYU Senior Adela Cojab filed a complaint with the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights last month, accusing the university of failing to take action against SJP and its members for their "anti-Semitic vandalism, verbal attacks, and outright violence."

Brick, NJ Woman Charged with Hate Crime in Facebook Messages

Woman from Brick Township, New Jersey charged with "bias intimidation" after sending threatening messages on Facebook saying the "KKK is alive and well in Brick" and referencing Aryan Brotherhood.

South Florida Man Accused Of Threatening, Spitting On Jewish People In Bal Harbour

BAL HARBOUR, FLA. Police have arrested a Daniel Starikov who shouted Jewish slurs and attacked two separate groups of Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath as they walked to, or in the area of, synagogues in Bal Halbour.