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Temple University - (Marc Lamont Hill)

Demand Temple University President Richard Englert & the Board of Trustees Follow in CNN’s Footsteps and Fire Anti-Semitic Professor Marc Lamont Hill

Calling for Palestine “from the river to the sea” inevitably means calling for the eradication of the State of Israel and its Jewish citizens, while also echoing the rhetoric of Hamas leaders.

How many times can you justify calls for complete eradication of the state of Israel and the murder of Jews before the academic institution that you work for finally stops offering you a platform that legitimizes your bigoted views? Marc Lamont Hill’s embrace of Jew-hating policies finally caught up with him this week when his remarks at the United Nations included a call for the destruction of the State of Israel, the only Jewish State in the world; CNN immediately fired him.

Will Temple University follow in CNN’s footsteps and take action?

Lamont Hill holds a teaching position at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  In that capacity, he abuses his position and platform to influence thousands of students and brainwash them with anti-Semitic propaganda to demonize and delegitimize the State of Israel. Though many called on the university to fire Hill, a Temple spokesperson stated, “Marc Lamont Hill does not represent Temple University and his views are his own. However, we acknowledge that he has a constitutionally protected right to express his opinion as a private citizen.”

It’s been also stated that Hill’s tenure makes it more difficult to terminate his employment. This simply isn’t true; a faculty insider at Temple University told us that “Being tenured, by no means, prevents firing at Temple or elsewhere. Universities always keep clauses in their faculty contracts that enable them to fire tenured faculty for cause. Hate speech, incitement, intimidation all seem to fall well within that scope.”

Here a few examples of Hill’s views:

  • In 2014, when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped by terrorists and brutally murdered, Hill stated he didn’t consider those actions terrorism.

  • Also, in 2014, he complained Israel’s Iron Dome “takes away Hamas’ Military Leverage” over Israel.

  • Last week, he called for a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea” – a slogan of Hamas, the internationally-recognized terrorist organization that calls for the massacre of the Jewish people in its charter.

Here are also a few people Lamont Hill associates and advocates with/for:

Louis Farrakhan and Marc Lamont Hill, 2016 Instagram

Louis Farrakhan and Marc Lamont Hill, 2016 Instagram

Lamont Hill is also a friend of convicted terrorist Ali Jiddah of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine which has a 50-year history of murdering civilians through suicide bombings, plane and bus hijacking, and other armed attacks. Hill has also urged his followers to support Jiddah financially through a GoFundMe via Twitter. Jiddah, a former member of the US-designated terror group PFLP, was convicted to 17 years in prison after planting 4 hand grenades on a Jerusalem street in 1968. The explosion injured nine people.

Convicted terrorist Ali Jiddah and Marc Lamont Hill, Facebook 2018

Convicted terrorist Ali Jiddah and Marc Lamont Hill, Facebook 2018

Lamont Hill wrote a piece in the Huffington Post urging black activists to support Rasmea Odeh after she was convicted by the United States of immigration fraud. The US case relied on Odeh omitting the fact that she had been convicted of a terrorist bombing in Israel in 1970 and served 10 years in prison before her release in a prisoner exchange with the PFLP.

The chairman of Temple University’s board, Patrick O’Connor, said “…People wanted to fire him right away. We’re going to look at what remedies we have.” Unfortunately, as of today, no action has been taken.

What can YOU do to help?

  1. Sign this petition

  2. Email Temple University’s President and Board of Trustees to express your concern with Lamont Hill’s employment at the university

  • President Richard Englert: president@temple.edu

  • Board of Trustees: betzner@temple.edu; reedm@pepperlaw.com; renglert@gmail.com; alanmcohen@collections-law.com; poconnor@cozen.com; mmorgan@morgan-properties.com; LFGould@duanemorris.com; jscaccetti@taxwarriors.com; firmmail@mattioni.com; peterf@fox-companies.com; peiding@philaflcio.org


Public Comments

I graduated Temple University in 1985.  Most proudly I was a cadet at Temple university ROTC where I first learned about honor, respect, service, equality and dedication.  As a result, I was the first Soviet born to become commissioned officer in the United States Armed Forces.  I have proudly served our greatest nation on earth for 30 years, to continue our military service by my daughter (student at Temple) and nephew.  

I can not helplessly stand by and observe how my alma mater and, as a consequence, my country degrade into socialist, double standard, Anti Semitic state. Temple University professor and corespondent at CNN, Mr. Marc Hill is a good example of what our children and American public are being taught at the University.  

As an officer and a man of honor, I can not afford, nor do I have any desire, to remain an alumni or to be associated in any way with Temple University. 

Gary “Yuri” Tabach
Captain (R) U.S. Navy

Being tenured, by no means, prevents firing at Temple or elsewhere. Universities always keep clauses in their faculty contracts that enable them to fire tenured faculty for cause. Hate speech, incitement, intimidation all seem to fall well within that scope, as I understand it. 

Temple University Professor 

Dear Temple University,

I am getting very tired of seeing universities become the repositories of anti-Semitism. I am getting very upset at seeing universities allow their professors to preach Jew-hate. This would never be allowed were the targets blacks or woman or, often, Muslim terrorists.

I have a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Columbia University. But I talked  ALL my grandchildren out of going there. In my own small way, I reduced the general IQ level of a major university. I intend to increase my efforts to counter-target other universities that display insensitivity to Jewish concerns. I will be encouraging friends and acquaintances with high-IQ children of college age to veto schools that allow their staff to preach Jew-hate.

It’s up to you whether Temple University goes on the list. I think you are going to find that Jews will no longer put up with academic administrators ignoring blatant Jew-hate on their campuses.

Bernice S. Lipkin, Ph.D.
Editor, Think-Israel.org