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Social Media Influencer Helps Expose Anti-Semitism


Liora Rez, Executive Director of StopAntisemitism.org, is helping to lead the charge against anti-Semitism in the online sphere. Having worked as a social media influencer since 2013 under the name “Jewish Chick”, Rez combined efforts with a few like-minded individuals in 2018 to start a grassroots effort in fighting the rabid Jew hatred she was encountering online.

Rez states “The rise of anti-Semitism is a symptom of a bigger issue as hatred and bigotry in America are moving beyond just racism against Jews. Our goal is to keep anti-Semites accountable and create consequences for their hatred and racist actions by substantiating the fact that they are the enemies of the American people and conflict with American values and morals.”

StopAntisemitism.org receives tips from the public about anti-Semitic incidents, monitors media and social media to reveal anti-Semitism in all facets of American society, and educates the public about anti-Semitism through online platforms, petitions, and clear calls to action. Calls to action via petitions include Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at UCLA, Marc Lamont Hill, and currently, CAIR’s influence over Congress.

In less than a year’s time, the organization’s reach on social media exceeds 750,000 per month and the group counts several dozen orgs as partners.

“Many individual reporters follow us, both Jewish and non, because they’re aware our social media followers submit tips via our online platforms and website. Once we expose the anti-Semitic event(s), the media follows up and reports on it. We’re slowly becoming the first source for anti-Semitism, primarily from the under 35 demographic.”

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