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Anti-Semite of the Week: Roger Waters Calls Artists to Support Antisemitism

Roger Waters.JPG

Roger Waters, the co-founder and lead singer of the rock band Pink Floyd, is well-known for his hatred towards the Jewish state. He works fervently to demonize Israel and Israelis by spreading lies and false accusations and using antisemitic tropes.

In 2011, Waters officially joined the antisemitic BDS movement which is known for its affiliations to terror, and began his witch hunt by falsely accusing the State of Israel of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians while encouraging artists to boycott Israel.

Since then, Waters has been constantly attacking Israel using his rock-star status to brainwash his fans and artists.

Although Waters claims he is not an antismite his rhetoric and the imagery and props he often uses in his concerts tell a different story.

In 2013, Waters openly expressed his antisemitic views towards Judaism during an interview: “They [the Jews] believe some very weird stuff you know, they believe that everybody that is not a Jew is only on earth to serve them and they believe that the Indigenous people of the region that they kicked off the land in 1948 and have continued to kick off the land ever since are sub-human. The parallels with what went on in the 30’s in Germany are so crushingly obvious...” In the same interview Waters accused the “extraordinary powerful” American “Jewish lobby” in the music industry of silencing critics of Israel.

It should be noted that according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the State Department definitions of antisemitism “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is explicitly antisemitic.

Also in 2013, Waters started using a giant inflatable pig emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David and dollar signs in his concerts.

In 2015, Waters published an open letter criticizing the band Bon Jovi for performing in Tel Aviv.

In 2016, Waters narrated a documentary titled: “The Occupation of the American Mind” – in which Israel is falsely accused of war crimes and genocide. The film is being screened in towns across the countryuntil this day, fueling hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people.

In a July 2017 online interview with the terror-affiliated BDS movement founder Omar Barghouti, Waters made a number of anti-Israel and pro-BDS statements, including: “I’m not sure that there any much harsher regimes around the world than this [Israel], actually, if you look at it.”

Waters has also been a regular participant in anti-Israel talks and events on college campuses and beyond alongside other known antisemites such as Linda Sarsour and Marc Lamont Hill.

Earlier in 2019, Waters called Madonna to boycott Israel when it was announced that she would be making an appearance at Eurovision.

We must stop Roger Waters from using concert venues and his star power to spread vitriol against the Jewish people!

Anti-Semite of the Week: Rabab Abdulhadi Spreads Anti-Semitism Among California Students & Faculty


Academic Institutions are supposed to teach young students critical thinking skills with an open minded analysis of all arguments. But thanks to Professors like Rabab Abdulhadi, Associate Professor of Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University (SFSU), Colleges across America have turned into indoctrination centers of hate and intolerance, specifically targeting Jewish studentAccording to a 2015 report, Abdulhadi cultivated alliances between SFSU and two Palestinian universities, An-Najah and the Hamas-dominated Birzeit. Per the report, Abdulhadi organized and led a 2014 SFSU-funded "Academic and Labor Delegation to Palestine," which met with terrorists like Leila Khaled and Sheikh Raed Salah,who are affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Islamic Jihad – both designated terrorist organizations by the State Department. Abdulhadi invited SFSU students to join the trip, which she reportedly referred to as a “political solidarity tour."

During a March 6, 2014 SFSU faculty event, Abdulhadi praisedconvicted terrorist Leila Khaled as “an icon in liberation movements and…an icon for women’s liberation". Khaled participated in the hijacking of TWA Flight 840 in 1969 and El Al Flight 219 in 1970.

In June of 2014, after Abdulhadi was accused of using public funds to finance a trip that met with known terrorists, she issued a public statement in which she insisted that she was “was under no obligation to inform the university of each and every person with whom [she] met."

On October 9, 2018, Abdulhadi published an op-ed in Mondoweiss in which she accused SFSU President Wong and the administration of going “the extra mile to acquiesce to the...Zionist campaign." Abdulhadi wrote that “after President Wong’s Israel trip" she faced a "large scale Zionist attack" and accused the Israel lobby in deploying "false charges of anti-Semitism" against her. Abdullahi also accused those who support the state of Israel of being the “real" anti-Semites.

Abdulhadi was also a keynote speaker at the 2018 National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Conference, held at UCLA. SJP is a Hamas front on campus and one of their stated goals is to eradicate the state of Israel.

In 2018, Abdulhadi was named a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the Lawfare Project on behalf of a SFSU Jewish students that alleged the University promoted an anti-Semitic environment and failed to protect its Jewish students. According to the press release from the Lawfare Project, which served as co-counsel to the plaintiffs, SFSU agreed to several crucial steps as part of the settlement, including issuing a public statement that it understands that “for many Jews, Zionism is an important part of their identity and will create a new position, coordinator of Jewish student life, as part of its Division of Equity & Community Inclusion, and allocate $200,000 to support “educational efforts to promote viewpoint diversity.

Professor Abdulhadi is now under fire for using a University Facebook page to continue her promotion of Israel bashing and anti-Semitism. The AMED (Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas) Studies at SFSU page states it "provides an intellectual home to scholarship and analysis on pertinent issues affecting Arab and Muslim communities". However, a brief review of the page shows that it's main goal is to bash Israel. Eighty Groups have now petitioned the SFSU Chancellor protesting Abdulhadi's use of the page as a tool to spread her anti-Semitism and false propaganda against Israel.

Abdulhadi's July Facebook post "Zionism = racism" have resulted ineighty Groups petitioning the SFSU Chancellor over Abdulhadi's use of the page as a tool to spread her anti-Semitism and false propaganda against Israel. But rather than take responsibility for the hatred she is breeding, Rabab instead turned around and is suing SFSU for trying to contain her anti-Semitism!

When Abdulhadi delivered a guest lecture at UCLA to roughly 100 anthropology students, equating Zionism with White Supremacy, CAIR defended her and condemned any attempt to dispute her controversial statements. Prior to the lecture, students said they were told attendance was mandatory and that the lecture would cover topics of Islamophobia.

Rabab Abdulhadi is feeding the minds of the next generation of students and academics with hate, racism, and anti-Semitism.

She has cultivated ties with Hamas-dominated universities, glorified terrorists, trivialized the kidnapping and murder of Israeli high-schoolers and endorsed hate speech. All while being employed by a public university SFSU a six figure plus salaryto do so.

What can you do to help?

Call the Chancellor of the California State University System Timothy White at 562.951.4000 and demand Rabab Abdulhadi is fired from SFSU once and for all!

Anti-Semite of the Week: Jeremy Corbyn, Who Turned Labour Party Into a Jew Hating Circus in 4 Short Years


Britain’s Labour party has always had a proud history of fighting discrimination and upholding the rights of ethnic minorities. This came to a screeching halt under the 2015 election of Jeremy Corbyn to Party Leader. Not coincidentally, during the period of 2015 through 2018, incidents of antisemitism in the UK rose by 74%.

Just 2 weeks ago, 67 Labour peers had just published an open letter in the Guardian accusing Corbyn of failing properly to act against this vile strain of racism.

Corbyn is well known for his anti-Israel views and is a supporter of Palestinian terrorists and terror organizations. As a backbench MP he was known as a radical who backed hard-left policies and voted against his own party more than 500 times. He associated with leading members of Sinn Féin, the political arm of the Provisional IRA, and backed its call for a united Ireland. He was a consistent opponent of the Middle East policies supported by successive U.S. and Israeli governments, often citing both as imperial entities.

In 2012, Corbyn expressed solidarity with an artist who had used anti-Semitic tropes in a London mural that was going to be torn down. The Labour Party issued a statement of rebuttal declaring the mural was offensive, and used anti-Semitic imagery.

In 2015, Corbyn encouraged talks with the Islamist militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah, calling them ‘friends’.

In August 2018, the Daily Mail accused Corbyn of having laid a wreath at the graves of the Palestinian terrorists while in Tunisia in 2014. Corbyn acknowledged he participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at a Tunisian cemetery in 2014, but says he was commemorating the victims of a 1985 Israeli airstrike on the headquarters of the PLO, who were living in exile in Tunis at the time.

The Daily Mail hit back and published photos showing Corbyn holding a wreath not far from the graves of four Palestinians believed to be involved with the 1972 Munich massacre, in which members of the Black September terrorist organization killed 11 Israeli athletes and a German police officer at the Munich Olympics.

Who is one of Corbyn's largest fans? The terror group Hamas! When it comes to Jews, the designated terror organization strongly feels Jeremy Corbyn is their brother in arms, stating "We have received with great respect and appreciation the solidarity message sent by the British Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn".

A shocking poll carried out by the Jewish Chronicle newspaper in the summer of 2018 found that more than 85 percent of British Jews believe Corbyn is an anti-Semite, and a similar number believe the level of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is “high” or “very high.”

In the first six months of 2019, over 600 complaints of anti-Semitism were filed within the Labour party; only 8 resulted in expulsions and 3 in suspensions. 60 of Corbyn’s colleagues recently took out a massive advert in the Guardian chastising him over the anti-Semitism he has brought into the party. Some of the most notorious incidents involved Labour members Naz Shah tweeting Israel should be moved to the United States and Ken Livingstone claiming Adolf Hitler had once supported Zionism.

Last month, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) announced it would be conducting its own wide-ranging investigation into whether Labour "unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish".

Only when a genuine zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism not just in name, but with substance, will we see the Labour Party cleansed of Corbyn's infectious influence.

And if Americans aren't proactive, we will see the same thing happening here; if it's not already.

Anti-Semite of the Week: David Duke Supports the Jew Haters on the Far Left, Endorsed and Being Endorsed by Radical Muslims


David Duke, perhaps America's most well known anti-Semite, has been in the Jew hating business for over 40 years. Duke is a prominent white supremacist, anti-Semite, conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, and former Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Duke has written and published his anti-Semitic manifesto in books like "Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question" and pieces like "Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism." He has been arrested in and banned from several countries for promoting Nazism.

Here are a few of Duke's hateful remarks:

Although Duke is a far-right extremist he endorses and is being endorsed by anti-Semites from other radical groups from the far left and radical Muslims.

In 2018, Duke praised the election of anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership as a sign that people were recognizing “Zionist power” and “Jewish establishment power.”

Most recently, Duke endorsed anti-Semitic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and called Omar the most important person in Congress.

Duke's collaboration with Radical Muslims resembles the relationship between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini 80 years ago when the two colluded to exterminate Jews.

On July 24, 2019, the pro-Hezbollah website kheybar.net glorified Duke's anti-Semitism and promoted his speech titled "Exposing the Real Nature of Zionism". The website champions Duke's theory of how Zionism is a "Jewish Supremacist" movement meant to control Western powers.

“Khaybar khaybar ya yahud” is a call for massacring Jews referencing the Muslim massacre of thousands of Jews in the village of Khayber (Northwest Arabia 628 CE), which is often used in radical Muslim rallies across the U.S.

While many try to deny the nexus and similarities between anti-Semitism on the far-right, radical left, and among radical Muslims, Duke's endorsement by Hezbollah and his support of Corbyn, Omar, and Tlaib are clearly telling us otherwise.

These radical hate groups are united in their hatred towards the Jewish people and it is upon us to work together to expose their members and hold them accountable.

Anti-Semite of the Week: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Likens Israel to Nazi Germany


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been in Congress less than 7 months but she's managed to upset many by repeatedly demonstrating her blunt anti-Semitism, while at the same time denying she’s an anti-Semite.

Some of her anti-Semitic remarks include:


Appearing on CBS This Morning on Wednesday July 17th, Omar was asked by host Gayle King if she was sorry for these comments, she emphatically stated "I'm not."

On Tuesday July 16th, Congresswoman Omar used her legislative powers to promote her antisemitism even further. Despite her pre-election position of not supporting the BDS Movement, which was just labeled as illegal by Germany for being antisemitic, Congresswoman Omar introduced a pro-BDS House Resolution (HR 496).

HR 496 supports the vile antisemitic Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Movement which is a forefront of terror organizations in the U.S. that promotes violence against Jews and advocates for the annilhation of the state of Israel.

In her House Resolution, Congresswoman Omar goes one step further and compares the boycott against Nazi Germany to a boycott of Israel in a clear violation of IHRA's definition of antisemitism.

Anti-Semite of the Week: Max Berger, Elizabeth Warren's New Staffer, Wants to Be Friends with Hamas

Max Berger.jpg

Max Berger is a co-founder and one of the most prominent leaders of the radical “As A Jew” group IfNotNow (INN). The groups calls for the destruction of the state of Israel, idolizes terrorists and spreads lies and false propaganda against the Jewish State.

In 2018, INN recited Kaddish (the Jewish mourning prayer) for the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who were killed while trying to breach the Gaza-Israeli border to “free Jerusalem” and murder innocent Jewish civilians on their march.

The members of INN use their Jewish ancestry as moral justification for their anti-Semitism and at the same time reject every Jewish value. They train camp counselors to infiltrate Jewish summer camps to teach Jewish children lies about Israel and demonize the Jewish state and the Jewish people .

Berger’s publicly known anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views didn’t deter Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) campaign managers from hiring him as a campaign staffer.

This week, Berger caused outrage for a now-deleted 2013 tweet in which he confesses he would “ totally be friends with Hamas ” – a designated terror organization in the U.S. which is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Berger has frequently come under fire for disseminating misleading and false propaganda against the Jewish state.

Moreover, he is also affiliated with Dream Defenders – whose long string of anti-Jewish activities include lauding as heroes the designated foreign terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is responsible for hijacking planes, terrorist attacks, and the killing of innocent civilians.

Max Berger is arrested outside the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations headquarters in New York, July 28, 2014

Max Berger is arrested outside the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations headquarters in New York, July 28, 2014

In February 2019, Berger published an op-ed titled “American Jews must Stand with Ilhan Omar” in which he unequivocally supports Congresswoman Omar despite her vile anti-Semitic views and strong affiliation with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CIAR) which was established by the Muslim Brotherhood to raise funds for Hamas in the U.S.

Now, he’s working for Sen. Elizabeth Warren as her director for progressive partnerships, placing a leader of the millennial Jewish left-wing insurgency inside an ascending Democratic presidential campaign.

The Warren campaign did not make Berger available for an interview. But his friends, as well as the reams of online articles by him and quoting him, indicate that he clicks with Warren’s combination of anti-establishment rhetoric and detailed, wonky plans. In addition to IfNotNow, Berger co-founded Momentum, a group that trains progressive activists.

“Warren matches even his demeanor and his style of politics, which is very deliberate and well thought out,” said Waleed Shahid, who has partnered with Berger in progressive movements and is now the communications director at Justice Democrats. “It’s funny that Warren’s slogan is ‘I have a plan for that.’ Max would do trainings at Momentum about how organizations don’t plan enough.”

Berger has deleted most of his tweets, but screenshots and quotations preserved by his critics show personal support for boycotts of Israel (at least as of two years ago) and calling Israel’s killing of Gazan protesters in clashes on the border a “pogrom.” A tweet he wrote in 2017 says “I agree with BDS, but it’s not a mistake to consider it largely anti-Zionist. For Zionists, it’s an existential question.”

Carinne Luck, a co-founder of IfNotNow, clarified that while Berger personally supports Israel boycotts, he does not identify with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.

For much of the Jewish pro-Israel mainstream, on the left as well as the right, BDS is anathema, because its Palestinian leadership refuses to accept a Jewish state in any part of historic Israel. Critics of IfNotNow note that, according to its principles, the Jewish group does “not take a unified stance on BDS, Zionism or the question of statehood.”

Mark Mellman, president and CEO of another new group, the Democratic Majority for Israel, told JTA said it’s “deeply troubling at a policy level that he cofounded an organization that does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.” Mellman did not call for Berger to be fired.

The Progressive Zionists of California, a grassroots group of about 200 members, said IfNotNow displays “one-sided condemnation and vilification of Israel” and called for the Warren campaign to dismiss Berger, whom they grouped among “enemies of Israel.”

“It puts [Warren] at risk to have someone with his public stances,” said Susan George, a founding member of the California group and a 2016 delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. “Personally I’ve been a huge fan of Elizabeth Warren. Since the financial crisis, she was my hero. But to put someone like Max Berger in such a position to influence progressives, it is concerning.”

But what critics see as a liability, Berger’s allies see as an an asset. Berger’s hire is a sign, they said, that the Democratic party may be moving left on Israel.

“It’s incredibly affirming and reassuring that the Warren campaign knew everything there is to know about Max and still wanted him on board,” said Luck. “I don’t think Elizabeth Warren’s campaign chose Max because of his position on Israel-Palestine, but it does send a signal that someone with views like Max’s would be there in such a serious political campaign.”

Berger’s presence on Warren’s campaign may be paying off for those who want candidates to be tougher on Israel: When IfNotNow activists asked Warren, at a campaign event, if she would “push the Israeli government to end the occupation,” she replied, “Yes, yes,” then added, “So I’m there.”

Warren’s campaign has yet to make a comment or act.

CLICK HERE to contact Warren’s campaign and demand Berger to be fired immediately!

Anti-Semite of the Week: Ali Abunimah - promoter of BDS and Supporter of Terror

Ali Abunimah.png

Veteran Israel basher and Jew hater , Ali Abunimah , recently finished up a U.S. College speaking tour during which he poisoned the minds of young students as he touted his 2014 book: “The Battle for Justice in Palestine”. In it, Abunimah argues the sole solution for the Israel/Palestinian conflict is the elimination of the Jewish State in full .

Abunimah is the co-founder of the "Electronic Intifada" or in essence, the “online Armed Struggle for the liberation of Palestine”. Electronic Intifada has strong ties and promotes the biggest Jew hating movement in the world, the B.D.S. Movement. As was recently exposed , the B.D.S. movement was established by designated terror organizations such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and is infiltrated by terror operatives. In fact, the German Bundestag last month deemed the BDS movement as a vile anti-Semitic movement, which radicalizes all other hate movements and reminiscing of the Nazi propaganda machine.

Other than advocating for the annihilation of the State of Israel, Abuminah is also an open supporter of convicted terrorists who launched attacks on innocent civilians. Abunimah's resume includes the following statements and actions :

  • Compared Israel to Nazi Germany numerous times, an analogy the United States Department of State declared anti-Semitic

  • Compared Israel’s domestic intelligence, the Shin Bet, to “Death Squads.”

  • Tweeted “Isn’t it the time for a popular Palestinian revolution in the form of a third intifada?”

  • Admitted that in his “One State Solution” we couldn’t rule out some disastrous situation [for the Jews]”

  • Publicly defended Hamas’ abduction of Gilad Shalit and maintains he should not have had contact with the Red Cross

  • Brands any Palestinian who engages in peace talks with Israel as a “collaborator”

It's time we hold Universities (i.e. UC Berkeley ) that give platforms to anti-Semites like Abunimah accountable, because no other form of bigotry would be so openly paraded and condoned.

Anti-Semite of the Week: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Flunks History

Alexandra ocasio cortez.jpg

Monday night while sitting on the floor of her apartment, radical left Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez emphatically stated in an Instagram Live Stream "I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that 'never again' means something. The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the 'Home of the Free' is extraordinarily disturbing and we need to do something about it."

YES you read that correctly! Ocasio-Cortez said the U.S. Government is running Concentration Camps in America. She compares American men and women who protect this country by administering entry through its borders, to Nazi guards in death camps in Europe during WWII who committed the most horrendous genocide in modern history. Unlike a temporary solution for illegal immigrants, the primary purpose of the Nazi concentration camps was to exterminate innocent human beings, including Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, disabled people and opponents of the Nazi party.

Contrary to Ocasio-Cortez’s claims, there are major distinctions between the detention centers along the United States border and the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. The detention centers along the nation’s border do not include gas chambers, burning bodies or forced labor, to name just a few differences.

An attempt to draw parallels between the two is outrageous and un-American.

We couldn’t agree more with noted historian Gil Troy’s statementon the circus AOC has created, “There is a long tradition of members of Congress saying dumb things; nevertheless, this comment belongs in the Hall of Fame.”

Her sickening comparison set off a social media firestorm as well as bi-partisan condemnation. This type of rhetoric from a Congressional leader is not only wrong, but completely reckless and irresponsible. By comparing the two, AOC is essentially diminishing and distorting what happened in the Holocaust and is engaging in a form of Holocaust denial. It is disrespectful to the millions of people who died in concentration camps and to the good men and women who work to protect America’s borders.

ocasio cortez.jpg

Anti-Semite of the Week: Louis Farrakhan claims Jews often force aspiring actors to submit to sodomy


Louis Farrakhan Sr. is the leader of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam movement and a notorious anti-Semite himself. Farrakhan has made a lucrative career spewing his Jew hating venom whenever and wherever he can.

Here are just a few examples of Farrakhan's anti-Semitism:

  • 2017: stated Jews "owned a lot of plantations" and were responsible for slavery

  • 2018: stated "many of us who go to Hollywood have to submit to anal sex" by the Jew in power

  • 2018: tweeted to his 335,000 followers they should be scared of "the Satanic Jew"

  • 2018: stated "The Jews have control over those agencies of government. When you want something in this world, the Jew holds the door"

  • 2018: stated “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

  • 2019: stated he was "here to separate the good Jews from the satanic Jews."

Despite being banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Farrakhan is still on the speaking circuit at many churches, continuing his barrage of Jew hatred and continued division of the Black/Jewish community.